Feldon Shelter - Hawk's Nest Aluminium Rooftop Tent - Low Pro

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Welcome to the next generation of rooftop living! Introducing the Hawk’s Nest 2-Person Aluminium Rooftop Tent - Low-Pro.

This Low-Pro model is the slimmest, most aerodynamic & low-profile tent in our range. For a taller model with more space for bedding inside when travelling, please see our Standard model here.

The Hawk’s Nest’s tough & durable fully aluminium construction creates an aerodynamic rooftop home that is extremely low profile and can be unfolded and ready for camp in under 30 seconds (yes, you heard that right!).

With mountable accessory tracks throughout and optional tent mounted racks that can handle up to 30kg worth of essential adventure gear on top when unfolding,  adventures have never been so effortless.


It’s as easy as snapping the two easy to use lockable latches open and letting the marine grade stainless steel gas struts do the rest.  The Hawk’s Nest is fully setup in less than 30 seconds making it one of the most effortless rooftop options on the market. 

With the moveable telescopic ladder and two ladder entry options at all times, ensures you have easy access, however your vehicle or camp site is setup.