How long does it take to install?

The DOUBLE and SINGLE setups we can install in around an hour, VAN 6/4 and JUMBO is usually a couple of hours.

Do I need any special tools to install myself?

Not really. A drill and a 9mm drill bit is required to drill holes for the mounting brackets, along with a 5mm allen key and 13mm spanner to fasten the hardware.

How much weight can the drawers handle?

As there is generally no runner hardware it's really up to how strong you feel pulling the drawers in/out. We recommend around 100KG max per drawer unless specified otherwise.

How much weight can I put on top?

We would recommend no more than 350KG per two drawers

Can I have drawer runner hardware on my drawer set?

Yes, of course. It's an additional cost, so just ask.

Can I change the size?

Yes. All our standard size drawer sets can be customised. We can do anything you require at an additional cost.

How much is a custom setup?

We will need to discuss with you your exact requirements prior to giving any estimates on cost for custom work.